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Kerameikos in Figaretto is a district located in Kanoni of Corfu, which was once the working-class neighborhood of the ancient city of Palaiopoli. Nowadays, it is an important archaeological site that offers a glimpse into the past.

In Kerameikos in Figaretto, one can find various workshops that once thrived in the ancient city of Corfu. The district was known for its ceramic workshops, and some of the famous Corfiot urns were made here. The archaeological excavations have brought to light a ceramic workshop with various artifacts.

Visitors can also explore the eleven ceramic furnaces that date back to the post-archaic period until the beginning of the Roman era. There is a well that was used for cleaning clay and a workshop sanctuary that is believed to have been dedicated to Artemis, who presided over the furnace.

In the sanctuary of Kerameikos in Figaretto, an ancient stone statue of Artemis was discovered. It is thought that the statue represents the goddess who was worshipped by the workers of the furnace. Today, Kerameikos in Figaretto is an important site for those interested in ancient ceramics and the history of the working class in ancient Corfu.

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